What Do You Need to Know About Flemings Garage?

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Cool Owner with A Cool Garage

Tony Fleming, the owner of the Flemings Ultimate Garage is a cool guy with a real passion for his work. It is his company and he very well knows that if anything goes wrong then his reputation is at stake. When you walk into the garage you would realize that the environment is more relaxed and those working in the garage are more confident about their purchases. This might leave you wondering why the other dealers around you don’t provide you will all the offers, but the Flemings garage stands out in the crowd for its own good reason.

This garage has over 25 years of experience in this field and more than thousands of clients every year.

Professional attitude

When you visit flemingsultimategarage.com you would bump into the various features of this company, one of them being the list of different companies that have been doing business with them to make their clients’ experience of purchasing a new or used car from this garage hassle free.

  • Ground transport companies: Each and every enclosed truck insured and is bonded to any U.S. port.
  • Overseas shipping containers: The garage has its own regular and reputable carriers for shopping their cars oversees. But, they are also okay if you want to use yours.
  • Appraisal company: If the clients proposes, the Flemings garage can hire its appraisal company for insurance purposes and shipping.
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London: This famous insurance company offers worldwide coverage including Flemings Ultimate Garage’s carrier.
  • Escrow company: Transfer of ownership along with transferring of funds is also possible here.
  • Contacts: The Flemings garage has done business in your home country. Therefore, you will never get short of confidence doing business with them.

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Knowledgeable and dedicated staff

It is mentioned in the home site http://www.flemingsultimategarage.com that all those employed at the garage for years have been very passionate about their work. They are not mere employees doing their job for earning money, but they love what they do here. Each and every employee has special interest in cars, so they love to deal with cars every day and enjoy their what they do. When you go through the Tony Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews you would read most of the clients mentioning the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff working here. The approachable employees at the garage always greet their customers with a welcoming smile and help them out in every possible way.

Awesome collection of old and new cars

Last but not the least, the awesome collection of classic, muscle and sports cars at this garage have always been the talk of the town. Whether it is a ’66 GTO with a 4-speed setup, latest modern Porsche 911 with flat 6-cylinder whine and a 6-speed transmission or a classic Austin-Healy 3000 with dual exhaust, you can find cars of any built and any price at the Flemings Ultimate Garage. Car enthusiasts, whether they are looking for a car to buy or sell, are always either browsing this garage online or visiting the showrooms, just to treat their eyes.


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